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Dr. Bill Ruehlmann
Professor of Journalism & Communications
Executive Director
The Society for Collegiate Journalists

Marlin Chronicle Staff

Bill Ruehlmann with Kelli Davis

Marlin Chronicle Staff at Work

Marlin Chronicle Staff at Work

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Marlin Chronicle Staff at Work

Marlin Chronicle Staff at Work

Page updated May 2008


Office Location: Birdsong 107
Office Hours: 9am to noon (MWF)
Telephone: (757) 455 - 3419
E-mail: wjruehlmann@vwc.edu

"Journalism is a great way to perform a public service and have fun doing it. You get a ringside seat on the world - and you get to share it!"
Journalism Courses:

  • 201 Introduction to Journalism
  • 210 Journalism Workshop
  • 301 Critical Writing in Journalism
  • 335 Creative Nonfiction
  • 337 Great Works in Journalism
  • 385 Editors in the Workshop
  • 397 Feature Writing
  • 435 Advanced Newswriting
Communications Courses:

  • 333 Mass Media and American Society
  • 334 Genres in Mass Media

It's early Friday morning...Do you know where your journalism professor is?

by Christina Lipuma

If it is four-time Outstanding Adviser of the Year Dr. Bill Ruehlmann, you can be sure he is hand-delivering The Marlin Chronicle, as he has for just about every issue for the past 15 years. (He proudly mentions that in all those years he has been with the College, not one deadline has been missed.) When asked why, Ruehlmann enthusiastically expresses: “It’s the least I could do for my editors, after their exhausting night of meeting the deadline.”

Ruehlmann embodies much of what Virginia Wesleyan promises to incoming prospective freshmen: a dedication to teaching, a focus on students and accomplished and knowledgeable professors.

Though Ruehlmann this year is a second-time recipient of the Samuel Nelson Gray Distinguished Teaching Award, he is quick to proclaim that his students drive his enthusiasm. “At the end of every day I feel like I’ve accomplished something,” he said. “And that, no matter how small, is enough to keep me going.”

Connecting with Students

Many graduates who had any connection with the journalism/communications department proudly mention how Ruehlmann has changed their lives or sparked their interest in the field. Megan Ulanich ’04, assistant director of admissions for Virginia Wesleyan, said, "I was in a different major when I started at Virginia Wesleyan, and after speaking with Dr. Ruehlmann, I changed into communications my junior year. He isone of the best professors I have ever had, and I thank him for allowing me the opportunity to be creative in my writing."

Having self-described his job as “work but fun,” Ruehlmann is quick to highlight the opportunities he has had to teach others and encourage them to do goodwork – both in and out of the newsroom. Ruehlmann said that Virginia Wesleyan was the right place at the right time for him. “It’s a good place to be,” Ruehlmann proclaimed. “Students tend to inspire me here.”

By personally delivering The Marlin Chronicleor distributing candy on Valentine’s Day, one may assume Ruehlmann has a lot of time on his hands; however, Ruehlmann is active inthe community, his field, and on campus. Whether he is teaching, administering as National Executive Director of The Society for Collegiate Journalists, writing his Sunday book column for the The Virginian-Pilot or people column for Port Folio Weekly, or serving on the board of directors of the Williamsburg FilmFestival, his favorite endeavor is working with the students.

Inspiring Future Journalists

Ruehlmann describes the turning point in his career as the time when he realized he had made an important difference in inspiring students. This was the time he looked up in a meeting for The Marlin Chronicle and saw there were not enough chairs for everyone in the newsroom. It was then that he realized that others shared his vision of free speech.

When asked what he thought of winning this award, Ruehlmann proclaimed: “I am proud, not of the awardsI’ve won in my life, but of the affection of my students that they represent.”