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I found myself in the working world straight out of high school. College was not an option for me. I worked for 10 years at Newport News Shipbuilding which is where I met and married my husband of 16 years. We have two beautiful girls and his daughter from a previous marriage. Our family was my world. I was able to stay at home for ten years doing various part time jobs as our children grew. I started back to work part time at Virginia Wesleyan College and after 5 years I am now the Assistant Manager at the college bookstore working full time. I now look at college from a different perspective and have decided to start school at the age of 43. As a single mom now, I plan to juggle home, work and school. This will be a very hard task for me, but I believe in myself. I start my day with a daily horoscope and find that it really pertains to me. I find all aspects of astrology interesting whether the predictions are good or bad.