Welcome To My Pad

This is my first attempt at making a web page. My name is Patricia and I am auditing a one hundred level computer science course at Virginia Wesleyan College, through the Adult Studies Program.

In 1996 I graduated with a Liberal Studies degree from VWC through the Adult Studies Program. It was an around the world journey from my first introduction to college way back in the "rockin" '60's, but well worth the wait. Virginia Wesleyan was the perfect spot for me to finish my undergraduate degree. The encouragement and support of the ASP staff and faculty was a vital element in my decision to stay and complete my degree. The highlight of my academic career was being inducted into the ASP honor society, Alpha Sigma Lambda, and receiving the Academic Achievement Award the year I graduated. If only my high school teachers could have been around to witness my "late bloom!" It was difficult to leave when the time came, and soon after, I began to keep an ear open for job opportunities on campus. It took four years of patiently waiting, and I am pleased to report that I have been working at VWC as the Evening Secretary in the Adult Studies Office since July, 2000.

In my other life I am the eldest daughter, sister to three siblings, many times a niece and cousin, mother of two, godmother of two, sister-in-law times three, proud grandmother of two, and lucky to have enough good friends for a group hug .

Some of my favorite things are:

  • Collecting Frogs
  • Cooking: Sharing Food with Family and Friends, and The Food Network
  • Travel: Near and Far
  • Books: Buying and Selling, then Reading and Sharing with my Book Club
  • Retreats and Short Getaways
  • Walks on the Beach
  • Recycling

If you are interested in some of the same things as I am, I suggest the following Web Sites:

Barnes and Noble

The Food Network

Eat Slow, Fresh and Healthy

Walking Vacations

Simple Ways to Care for the Earth

Suggestions for Relaxing Getaways

I can't wait for my first walking vacation - Ireland would be a perfect destination! I am walking every day in preparation for the big event. My first small trip was a hiking week-end in the Shenandoah this past October. I learned that walking sticks, or poles, can be very helpful. Slowly, but surely, I hope to gain enough endurance to enjoy an exciting week of walking and sight-seeing somewhere very special!

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