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Virginia Wesleyan College
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Dr. Paul L. Ewell
Dr. Paul  L. Ewell
Associate Professor and Coordinator
Department of Management, Business & Economics
Virginia Wesleyan College
Norfolk, Virginia
office phone: 757-233-8810
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Watermen's Heritage Foundation of Virginia's Eastern Shore
P.O. Box 233
Parksley, Va 23421
About Me:
My name is Dr. Paul L. Ewell and I am a professor at Virginia Wesleyan College in the Department of Management, Business & Economics and the Executive Director of the Watermen's Heritage Foundation of Virginia's Eastern Shore.  The purpose of this page is to provide you with a little information about me, the College and the Foundation.  Please feel free to click on any links that might be of interest to you and explore.   
Courses I Teach:
ISP 101: Introduction to Information Systems
MBE 301: Principles of Management
MBE 350: Supply Chain Management and Logistics
MBE 360: Operations Management
Research Interests:
My primary area of research is supply chain management and logistics, specifically in the maritime realm.  I have written several papers on the socioeconomic, physical and historical impacts of supply chain evolutions on my home region, the Eastern Shore of Virginia located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.   My family has been in the commercial fishing industry for generations and much of my research lies in commercial fishing as well. 
Information for Students:
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